Preschool Open House and Registration 2019

Annette's Preschool Open House and Registration January 25, 2019

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Looking for a Sherwood Park Preschool for your 'little person'?

Annette’s Preschool Open House for the September 2019 School Year.

Annette’s Preschool welcomes you to attend the Open House & Registration Day on January 25th from 9am – 11am and see first hand how Annette Bishop creates a warm and inviting space for children to start their first educational experiences.

Annette’s mantra:

My belief is that the parent and I are partners in the child’s learning experience.

I want every child who completes my program to feel confident and proud as well as to believe in themselves and all that they can achieve.

I provide children with the opportunities to be brave and explore new things.

I measure my success not in what your child recalls and recites, but in the sparkle in their eyes, the smile on their face and the love of learning that they have.

As a teacher, I am always learning from you the parent and from your child.  They are with me in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

I am honoured to play such an important role in your child’s life.

Thank you  – Annette Bishop


So please take the time to contact Annette today to see if Annette’s Preschool is the perfect fit for your child.

Tips on Choosing a Preschool

  • What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?
    • School curriculum and activities is a combination of structured learning through games, stories and activities as well as “learning through play”. A child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual development and self-esteem will be stimulated and fostered when given opportunities to explore, experiment, experience and play.The curriculum is theme-based with literature, music, crafts, special art projects, gym-time, outdoor play, field trips, in-house visitors and Animated Literacy as key components.Annette’s Preschool is a licensed Preschool through the Government of Alberta.
  • What is the educational background and experience of the teacher?
    • Annette is not only the owner and sole educator of the preschool, she is also the open arms children run to, the caring ear to a first-time preschool parent and the playful personality that endears herself to children and parents alike!Annette Bishop is more than a teacher…She takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!
  • Can I stop by the Preschool to see first-hand how the teacher interacts with the children?
    • Annette always encourages new families to stop by and see the preschool environment as well as meet her in person to ask all the questions parents have when sending their little ones off to preschool. Please call or text Annette to make arrangements so that she has the time to dedicate to your questions.  780-914-9953
  • How is discipline handled?
    • The goal of Annette’s Preschool is to provide an environment where children feel safe and secure.  Children will learn acceptable behaviour through interaction with others.  ALL FORMS OF PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT ARE PROHIBITED.  Daily communication with parents regarding their child is essential so that we may better understand unique personalities and feelings of every child. (For more information, please contact Annette for the full Discipline Policy)
  • Please check out the rest of the website as it holds many answers to parents questions regarding preschool.