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Annette’s Preschool

St. Thomas Anglican Church | 4 Raven Drive | Sherwood Park | AB

‘Annette’s Preschool’ FAQ’s and Curriculum Info

Most Preschool enrolment questions can be answered by the information provided on the website. Annette encourages parents to please take the time to read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Curriculum Information Page to better assist you with your preschool questions or concerns.

Q: How many teachers are teaching the classes?

A: Annette Bishop is the only teacher, however there is ALWAYS a parent helper in attendance to assist Annette.

Q: What is the discipline policy of the preschool?

A: The goal of Annette’s Preschool is to provide an environment where children feel safe and secure.  Children will learn acceptable behaviour through interaction with others.  ALL FORMS OF PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT ARE PROHIBITED.  Daily communication with parents regarding their child is essential so that we may better understand unique personalities and feelings of every child. (For more information, please contact Annette for the full Discipline Policy)

Q: What if I come early to pick up my child and the preschool door is closed?

A: Due to fire regulations, the classroom door must be kept closed at all times.  Please do come in if you arrive early to pick up your child.

Q: Is there an Emergency Evacuation Plan in case of a fire?

A: Yes, we have an evacuation plan that every parent receives in their orientation package.

Q: My child has medication he/she must take.

A: No Medication will be administered at preschool except an EPI PEN and inhaler in the case of an emergency.

Q: What happens if my child is injured at preschool?

A: In the case of a minor injury, we will take care of it on the premises. Annette has St. Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid and Emergency Childcare and Infant / Child CPR which is renewed every two years. For minor injuries parents will be phoned and a joint decision made as to what procedure to follow.

In the case of a medical emergency or life threatening injury, 911 will be called for an ambulance to transport both the child and an accompanying adult to the U of A Hospital. Parents will be notified asap.

Q: How do you deal with potty training concerns?

A: We ensure there are scheduled bathroom breaks. Additionally, pull-ups are allowed to help prevent accidents if the child isn’t quite fully potty trained.

Q: Does the ‘helper’ have to be a parent or can another family member participate?

A: All family members or designated family friends are welcome as ‘helpers’.

Q: What happens if an emergency comes up and I can’t be the parent helper on my designated day?

A: Other parents are asked to fill in and to-date we have never had an issue of  not having another parent help out.

Q: Are younger siblings allowed to participate?

A: Absolutely, a younger sibling can accompany the parent helper during normal class activities as well as field trips.

Q: What if my child still takes afternoon naps?

A: Children adjust quickly to missing their nap on their preschool day.

Q: Are children with special needs accepted into the preschool?

A: Yes, children with special needs are accepted!

Q: How many children per class?

A: There are 11 children per class for both 3 year & 4 year old sessions.

Q: How hard is it to get a sibling into the same program in following years?

A: Siblings of current / past students get first choice enrollment when they are ready to attend.

Q: Are you a Christian-based preschool because you are located in a Church?

A: Annette’s Preschool does create a safe, loving educational environment that embodies Christian-like qualities but we do not incorporate religion into the curriculum.

Please click here to find out more information and answer questions regarding the Curriculum that Annette’s Preschool follows.

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