Circle Time

Circle Time provides activities sure to bring a smile to your child’s face while providing the opportunity to learn at the same time.

Circle Time provides the children with an environment of interaction as a group.  Every preschool day, one child will be the ‘Special Person’ and will have leadership responsibilities in Circle Time

During Circle time, the children will learn and participate in the following activities:

  • calendar skills
  • weather skills
  • singing songs
  • telling stories
  • finger plays
  • animated literacy
  • customized learning games revolving around numbers (these are games specifically created by Annette Bishop teaching children about numbers is a fun and creative way)
  • show & tell
  • science experiments

‘Special Person’ – Every preschool day, one child will be the Special Person.  If you are parent helper then your child is the Special Person.  Being the Special Person gives your preschool child an opportunity to be the leader of the class during circle time, snack, craft, gym and sharing time.  On their Special Person day, your preschool child will have the opportunity to tell their peers about something special.  Sharing Time can be an object/toy brought from home, a story/idea/event that has occurred, a craft/picture/photo, etc., that your preschool child feels comfortable talking about.  Sharing Time gives your child the opportunity to talk and listen to their peers.  This speaking opportunity builds vocabulary and language skills as well as develops listening and questioning skills.

Animated Literacy
Craft Time
Pyjama Day and Popcorn Party
Bumble Bee Chair-Special Person
Circle Time

‘Annette’s Preschool’ is, purpose built and nurturing


A teacher with extraordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity, and, above all, a love of early childhood education.

Play Areas

Specifically designed to foster a fun and educational environment.


Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta


School curriculum and activities is a combination of structured learning through games, stories and activities as well as “learning through play”.


4 years teaching in the Edmonton Public School system + 21 years teaching preschool in the Sherwood Park community.


Creating a welcoming, engaging environment in which the children can learn while playing is essential at Annette’s Preschool.

  • Friendships
    Friendships in the Play Area
  • Pyjama Day and Popcorn Party
    Popcorn Party
  • Building Team Work
    Building Imagination
  • Beading Partners
    Creating Friendships