Annette's Preschool Annette's Preschool APPLY TODAY! Annette's Preschool education through play Annette's Preschool APPLY TODAY! Sept 2020 Registration on NOW!

Although we are going through a very unprecedented time, please feel free to call and discuss September enrolments with Annette and she can update you on any information she has available.

Sept. 2020 Registration On Now!

3 & 4 Year Old Spots Still Available

Please call or text Annette at (780) 914-9953‬ for more info or to arrange a viewing of the preschool

Welcome to ‘Annette’s Preschool’ where the door is always open!

ABC Lettering - Annette's Preschool

3 Year Old Preschool

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, Annette's 3 year old preschool class will be a perfect introduction.

4 Year Old Preschool

Annette's 4 year old preschool classes are theme based building skill levels, making friends and developing socialization skills.

Why Annette’s Preschool ?

My belief is that the parent and I are partners in the child’s learning experience.

I want every child who completes my program to feel confident and proud as well as to believe in themselves and all that they can achieve.

I provide children with the opportunities to be brave and explore new things.

I measure my success not in what your child recalls and recites, but in the sparkle in their eyes, the smile on their face and the love of learning that they have.

As a teacher, I am always learning from you the parent and from your child.  They are with me in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

I am honoured to play such an important role in your child’s life.

Thank you  – Annette Bishop

Preschooler's Self Portrait - Henry

Meet The Teachers

Meet the many sides of Annette Bishop!

Annette is not only the owner and educator of the 4 year old program, she is also the open arms children run to, the caring ear to a first-time preschool parent and the playful personality that endears herself to children and parents alike!

Annette Bishop is more than a teacher…

She takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!

Annette’s Preschool Welcomes Raelene McLean, educator for the 3 year old program.

In our classroom we are all teachers and we are all learners!

In our classroom we dance, we sing, we observe, we create, we pretend, we wiggle, we celebrate, we explore and we ask questions.

We take deep breaths and we have fun!

My goal for each child is to feel confident, to believe in themselves, and to gain a love for learning. 

Classroom Facilities

Annette’s Preschool incorporates a variety of learning classroom areas including circle time, library, listening centre, house centre, building centre, lego table, manipulative table-top activities, puzzles and games, train table, play dough table, free colouring, writing, craft centre, sensory centre (water, beans, rice and sand), dress-up and magnetic easel.

A variety of toys, games, puzzles and activities will change every three weeks as the theme changes giving children new and exciting objects to explore.

Small class sizes ensures your child has daily individual attention giving him or her an optimal learning experience.

Annette's Preschool Classroom

Annette's Preschool Pottery ClassCurriculum

School curriculum and activities is a combination of structured learning through games, stories and activities as well as “learning through play”. A child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual development and self-esteem will be stimulated and fostered when given opportunities to explore, experiment, experience and play.

The curriculum is theme-based with literature, music, crafts, special art projects, gym-time, outdoor play, field trips, in-house visitors and Animated Literacy as key components.

Annette’s Preschool is a licensed Preschool through the Government of Alberta.

Annette's Preschool WEM Field TripField Trips

Field Trips and special activities happen monthly at preschool.  Parents, siblings and caregivers are welcome to attend with the preschool children.

Prairie Gardens  |  Halloween Dress-up Party  |  Fire Station  |  Zoo 2 U  |  West Edmonton Mall – Marine Life  |  Christmas Celebration  |  4 Cats Art Studio  |  Color Me Mine  |  Drum Circle  |  Pirate Day  |  PJ Day  |  Valentine Friendship Pizza Party  |  Provincial Museum – Prehistoric Pals Program  |  Telus World of Science  |  Hatching Baby Chicks  |  Mother’s Day Tea  |  Father’s Day Fun Night  |  Safety City  |  Reptile Experience  |  Bug Lady  |  Bike Parade  |  Year End Celebration

Annette's Preschool Paint PartyIndoor Play Areas

Safe and welcoming indoor play areas offer a creative and friendly environment for young children to learn and play in.

Learning Centres include:

House Centre | Building Centre | Puzzles & Games Centre | Listening Centre  | Library  |  Play-dough Centre  |   and more…

Annette’s Preschool also offers Gym Time which provides the students with indoor activity as well as outside exercise.

Annette's Preschool - Annette BishopThemes

Here is an outline of the themes incorporated into the curriculum:

Zoo  |  Fall Fun  |  Fire Safety  |  Halloween  |  Ocean  |  Santa’s Workshop  |  Winter Fun  |  Animals in Winter  |  Friends and Family  |  Community Workers  |  Dinosaurs  |  To Infinity and Beyond  |  Down on the Farm  |  Insects and Bugs  |  Spring

The Results Speak for themselves!

The success of Annette’s Preschool is in part due to the positive support and involvement of the parents.

Annette Bishop’s primary goal is to create and foster the utmost positive learning experiences for both the preschool child and their parents.


What The Parents Say

Annette’s Classroom

Annette’s Preschool Classroom is setup to be educational, safe, and engaging for all the little people attending either the 3 or 4 year old programs.

A preschool should be more than just a room with a bunch of toys. Annette has designed an environment where young children can safely explore and learn!

Annette Bishop Preschool crafts

3 - 4
Months Old
Class Size

Bumble Bee Chair

The 'Special Person' sits in the 'Bumble Bee Chair' during Circle & Sharing Time.
3 - 4
Months Old
Class Size

Listening Centre

A quite area for children to listen to audio books.
3 - 4
Months Old
Class Size

House Centre

Preschool Children develop socially and emotionally through real-world play.
3 - 4
Months Old
Class Size

Building Centre

Learning Gross & Fine Motor Skills through play.

Your Children

Choosing a Preschool for your child can be one of the most stressful choices you start making regarding their education.

Annette has compiled information that she has given many parents to assist them in making that decision.  Please read through the FAQ sections, to address any questions and concerns you may have.

  • Are children with special needs accepted into the program?
  • Are you a Christian-based preschool because you are in a Church?
  • How many children per class?
  • What policies are set in place to keep my child safe?

Q: How many teachers are teaching the classes?

A: Annette Bishop is the only teacher, however there is ALWAYS a parent helper in attendance to assist Annette.

Q: What is the discipline policy of the preschool?

A: The goal of Annette’s Preschool is to provide an environment where children feel safe and secure.  Children will learn acceptable behaviour through interaction with others.  ALL FORMS OF PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT ARE PROHIBITED.  Daily communication with parents regarding their child is essential so that we may better understand unique personalities and feelings of every child. (For more information, please contact Annette for the full Discipline Policy)

Q: What if I come early to pick up my child and the preschool door is closed?

A: Due to fire regulations, the classroom door must be kept closed at all times.  Please do come in if you arrive early to pick up your child.

Q: Is there an Emergency Evacuation Plan in case of a fire?

A: Yes, we have an evacuation plan that every parent receives in their orientation package.

Q: My child has medication he/she must take.

A: No Medication will be administered at preschool except an EPI PEN and inhaler in the case of an emergency.

Q: What happens if my child is injured at preschool?

A: In the case of a minor injury, we will take care of it on the premises. Annette has St. Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid and Emergency Childcare and Infant / Child CPR which is renewed every two years. For minor injuries parents will be phoned and a joint decision made as to what procedure to follow.

In the case of a medical emergency or life threatening injury, 911 will be called for an ambulance to transport both the child and an accompanying adult to the U of A Hospital. Parents will be notified asap.

For any further safety concerns, please click here to contact Annette Bishop.

Q: How do you deal with potty training concerns?

A: We ensure there are scheduled bathroom breaks. Additionally, pull-ups are allowed to help prevent accidents if the child isn’t quite fully potty trained.

Q: Does the ‘helper’ have to be a parent or can another family member participate?

A: All family members or designated family friends are welcome as ‘helpers’.

Q: What happens if an emergency comes up and I can’t be the parent helper on my designated day?

A: Other parents are asked to fill in and to-date we have never had an issue of  not having another parent help out.

Q: Are younger siblings allowed to participate?

A: Absolutely, a younger sibling can accompany the parent helper during normal class activities as well as field trips.

Q: What if my child still takes afternoon naps?

A: Children adjust quickly to missing their nap on their preschool day.

Q: Are children with special needs accepted into the preschool?

A: Yes, children with special needs are accepted!

Q: How many children per class?

A: There are 11 children per class for both 3 year & 4 year old sessions.

Q: How hard is it to get a sibling into the same program in following years?

A: Siblings of current / past students get first choice enrollment when they are ready to attend.

Q: Are you a Christian-based preschool because you are located in a Church?

A: Annette’s Preschool does create a safe, loving educational environment that embodies Christian-like qualities but we do not incorporate religion into the curriculum.

Your children’s education and welfare are ALWAYS my main priorities